Engine services in Bozeman, MT

Trust Your Engine With the Automotive Professionals

Engine Machine & Supply offers custom engine work and rebuilding services in Bozeman, MT

Engine Machine & Supply, Inc. is your local resource for top-quality engine parts and automotive, diesel and tractor engine rebuilding services. We have been rebuilding engines and working on custom engines for over 40 years in the Bozeman, Montana area.

Premium automotive services using superior craftsmanship

Using the finest tools and automotive products on the market, our professional technicians can work on any car, truck, tractor or industrial engine in the Bozeman, MT area. Our services include:

  • Thermal cleaning: Steel-shot blasting, glass-bead blasting and small parts tumbling
  • Block work: Cylinder boring and honing, cylinder sleeve installations, line honing, deck resurfacing, torque-plate honing, machine and sleeve lower receiver bores, magnaflux and pressure testing
  • Connecting rod work: Magnaflux testing, rod resizing, remove and replace rod bushings and bore
  • Cylinder head work: Valve, guide, seat and injector tube installations, pressure testing, angle-milling cylinder heads, spark plug thread repairs, three-angle valve jobs. Resurfacing intake and exhaust manifold
  • Crankshaft: Dry and wet magnaflux testing, grinding, polishing, straightening and balance rotating assembly
  • Flywheel: Grinding, removing and replacing ring gears

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